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  This is the heading of the section in my Bible of Matthew 6:25-34. It is a part of the “Sermon on the Mount,” and Jesus encourages his disciples and us not to worry as others do.

  Amid the coronavirus scare, many have worried about the future, the economy, and whether or not they will be able to support their families. The government is doing what it is best at — spending money — to stimulate the economy. People are worried about contracting this virus and how it will affect them. They are concerned about a loved one who might get it and, if they do get it, will they survive. We react because we know that this is something over which we have no control.

  But let us consider for a few moments — how much of this life do we have control over anyway?

  Jesus gave them and us some thoughts that will aid us as we express concerns over how this will affect us. 

He reminded them and us to look at the birds of the air. As I mowed grass Thursday and finished, I was struck by the fact that I continued to hear the birds singing. They were not concerned about a virus — they were doing exactly what God had intended for them to do. God was feeding and taking care of them, even amid a virus. 

  Jesus reminded them (and us) to look at the flowers God had created. Some of them may be accidentally cut down, but they rebound and grow again. They do exactly what God intends for them to do. They are beautiful to look at, and our hearts are gladdened as we see God’s creation fulfilling the role he has given it!

Does God care for his creation? Does God care for the birds? The flowers? Does God minutely care for all of his creation, yet leave us trying to do it all by ourselves?

Jesus reminds those listening to him that day that our “HEAVENLY FATHER” knows that we need all these things. 

Sometimes, we think that God is so busy he doesn’t have time for us. It may be that we know we are not in the relationship with God that we need to be, and we think that he is punishing us for some secret sin in our lives. (If that is what you are dealing with, know that he promises to forgive our sins when we confess them and repent – 1 John 1:7-9).

Let us also suppose, for just a moment, that the worse thing we can think of does happen – suppose we contract this virus and die. Should the Christian fear death? Physical death is not the worst thing for the child of God. Paul looked forward to it (Philippians 1:20-25; 2:17; 2 Timothy 4:6-8). We have something better because of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross.

DO NOT WORRY! Leave it in the hands of God! He has taken care of things since the beginning; he is faithful, and he will bring all things to the final culmination of what he has planned. TRUST HIM!

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 Disclaimer — just because the link is listed does not mean we agree with everything the site posts.

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