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If we look at the statistics concerning the church today, we find some very troubling issues.

Among all denominations and religious institutions over 40,000,000 have left the church over the last 25 years. Some of the reasons include . . . Some left because of pain, due to disagreements . . . some moved from one place to another, and never tried to go back to church.  Some said that attendance was inconvenient . . . family issues (such as taking care of family members who are unable to get out) . . . some have left the church because the views of the church do not agree with their views on matters such as divorce, same sex marriage, abortion, politics. . . 

From the age range of 13-30 younger Christians have left because they see church as boring (contrast that with the world and how it seems to be more “exciting” than going to church). Some of these have complained that there are “no people in my age range. . . “ and this is a valid complaint. It emphasizes that we need to reach out to the younger generation – teens to forties. Most of those who stay faithful today are older members of the church.

Others do not come to worship because of American life and work now. Sundays used to be a time for people to connect with God and God’s people, but now many must work longer hours to make ends meet. 

Some have left the church for perceived or real issues that the church has condemned (which is clearly taught in Romans 1), such as racism, politics, scandals with preachers preaching on one thing and living another way, sexual progressivism and the “sexual revolution” and abuse. The media and how it continues to make fun of Christians or condemn Christians in mass media with the favorite “hypocritical” label is another way. If we look hard enough we can find hypocrites in every aspect of work and society – not just in the church.  Yet we cannot see the hypocrisy of television or mass media. They also condemn the church for not helping others, and only amassing a great deal of money to be used for the church itself. Some condemn the idolization of political figures in some churches. 

Some have left because they feel the service times are inconvenient for them and their lifestyles.

To be honest, many institutions are not trusted anymore. We don’t trust the government, the Supreme Court, Congress, or the media.

I know I have shared some points about the doom and gloom of what is happening to God’s church today. In many ways it echoes the things that happened in the Old Testament with the children of Israel, and their refusal of obeying the Lord God, for their own desires. As any Bible reader knows, this did not turn out well for Israel. BUT LET ME REMIND YOU THAT Jesus has the words of eternal life – John 6:66-68. When we earnestly follow Jesus we may very well encourage others to come back. The same data that I have shared with you suggests that over one-half of those who have left said they would come back if they saw “real Christianity.” What does that involve? The church following Jesus! Obeying His commands. Using the money to help others in need. Showing grace and love to even our enemies (Matthew 5:43-38).

May we as the first century Christians, turn the world upside down once again – Acts 17:5-9

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