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As we continue our efforts to find men who qualify according to 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1, some have questions about the kind of men that would make a good elder.

Sometimes, we want men that are perfect in knowledge and wisdom to solve any problem the church may have! YET, there are no perfect men for the job because men are men.  They do not have perfect wisdom, yet they still try to serve the Lord. They sin. They make mistakes. They struggle with what to do and the best way to do things. These men seek to do the will of the Father, Son and Spirit, but they will make mistakes — after all, they are just men! Further, they try to make the best decisions that is best for the majority of the congregation, yet there will always be those who question the decision(s) made. 

Some men see these imperfect elders, deacons and preachers, and when they see the flock give these men a hard time about decisions made and things said, they become discouraged and quit. When this becomes the standard, what man in his right mind would want to face this kind of scrutiny? YET, God wants these men to serve because he is the one who commanded that these men be appointed. Further, those men who are thus appointed want to serve God to the best of their ability, yet they are keenly aware of their own foibles and shortcomings. The struggles are real, and sometimes they become so discouraged that they quit.

God knows his church needs GODLY LEADERSHIP. The goal of elders should always be to help the flock make it to heaven. Hence, the elders must continue to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, so they can set the example to the flock. It is not just making decisions! It is exemplifying the Christian life every day!

Often, we expect elders to make decisions with regards to money and upkeep of the building; yet the thing that elders need to be aware of is the spiritual health and well-being of every Christian under their watch.  The building in which the church meets will one day be destroyed; yet the church will still be the church, and what will matter is not a brick building, but the souls of every church member. The elders “main job” is to look out for the souls of those under their leadership. Are the Christians growing in the faith? Do the leaders help Christians grow by challenging them to greater efforts to serve the Lord?  Do the leaders set the example of Christian living, of godly homes, and service to all the members because they are servants of God? We have been bought by the  blood of His Son, and we are his because of the payment made on our behalf. Hence, some members of the church simply come to worship and feel that they have fulfilled their obligation to God for the week. Nay, brethren, we must live for God every day! 




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