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One of the greatest privileges that Christians enjoy is to read and study God’s word. The value of the Bible is shown by the changes it has made in the world (God’s word does not return unto him void – Isaiah 55:11), and in each person who studies and applies God’s word to themselves.

Consider sitting down and writing the Bible, word for word. If you made a mistake in copying the words of God, you would burn the work done till then, because you would not want ANY MISTAKES in God’s word nor would you want any person to read your copy of what God has said with mistakes in them. THESE ARE THE VERY WORDS FROM GOD, that reveals God to us, and how he has made the effort to save us from our sinful thoughts and ways. 

Years ago you would not go to the local bible bookstore to buy a printed bible – it would be hand copied. It would be the only way to have a copy of God’s word that could guide and comfort them. Have you ever tried to sit down and copy the Bible word for word? It would be enlightening to you and would help memorization of Scripture. 

            The church has struggled with a lack of bible knowledge. Years ago we would memorize passages of Scripture and be able to quote the Bible to show someone what God required for a person to be saved. Do you and I know enough to be able to do this now?            

One of the biggest struggles for us today is to make sure that we are reading a Bible that is as close to the original “autographs” (the original bible in various languages – Hebrew, Biblical Aramaic, and Greek) translated into English. Sometimes it was hard to translate some of the Bible into English and still carry the thought of the original Biblical languages in the original language. Yet, over the centuries Bibles have been translated and are easier to read because of the work of translators. The greatest need is for us to read God’s word daily. Do we realize how privileged we are to have Bibles in our homes, and, if you are like most Christians, the different numbers of Bibles that we have that we can study from? Truly we are blessed because we have the word of God. Go home and count your Bibles!

            Why do we need translations? Simply put,  most of us cannot read Hebrew, Aramaic or Greek. 

            It is sad that the Bible is the number one bestseller in the world, yet is not read even by many Christians. We should not read the Bible just to read it, so we can tell everyone that we have read it! The Bible is a book that needs to read, thought over, and obeyed. It is the Bible that tells us about God, sin, the Savior, and what God expects from us, his creation. Consider how wonderful it would be if all mankind read God’s word, understood the truths found therein and lived by them! Can we imagine the joy and peace that could come if we all lived as God wants us to? The struggles and trials of the world today can be met by people studying God’s word and living life as portrayed in Scripture. We learn about the faith and courage of many that were willing to die for God in Scripture. They were more than glad to die for the Lord who saved them from their sins. In Scripture we see the examples, good and bad, of those who tried and failed; of those who tried to live in accordance with God’s revealed will. Many Christians today do not live up to the standards God has set forth in His word. How can we know and judge? By reading Scripture and applying it to our lives. 

            Christians, how much time per day do you spend in God’s word? Do you open God’s word to find encouragement? Do you seek to find a way to help overcome temptation Satan has thrown your way? Are you closer to God because you have spend time in His word? Can you teach someone the gospel?

            Study to show yourselves approved to God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth. 2 Timothy 2:15


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