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Jesus said the Holy Spirit would convict and convert the world (John 16:7-11). It is easy to find brethren under the influence of the Holy Spirit – they are out convincing and converting. However, in today’s world, this is too simple and scriptural. Moderns tell us to “connect” (whatever that is). Various novelties are presented. Here is the one Hodge offers. 

Tell the world how short our services are! That ought to connect! Our African-American brethren stay all day . . . Pentecostals stay into the night . . . even Southern Baptists meet so long we beat them to the cafeteria. What is our claim to fame? Shorter and shorter services.  Bible classes are short! Some just 30 minutes. Many brethren skip classes. Our guarantee? You will be out in time for the football games on Sunday evenings (after all this is the real important stuff).  Tell the world that they can drag in late and leave early. One lady in my ministry (since we had the Lord’s Supper first) made a dramatic point of leaving just as I got up to preach.  Yes, there are times you have to leave early – but notice – week in and week out it is the same bunch.  Someone wishing to be baptized ruins the whole symmetry – so most get up and leave anyway. Many leave with the invitation song. Keep it short brother! We got things to do on the Lord’s Day.

We have many meetings on how to make it shorter. . . one is to limit (even better) cut out the sermon. If the world only knew how little they had to do to come and how short their stay! On top of that we have the “Kitchen Gang.” Rather than worship they drink coffee and roam around. Some now are thinking about eliminating the Sunday service, PERIOD! We can come Saturday night for a short service without messing up Sunday. 

On second thought, to connect better, why meet at all? The world could connect with the “Churchless church.”

Charles Hodge Duncanville, TX

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