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A young boy went into a pet shop looking for a puppy. The store owner showed him a newborn litter in a box. For a long while the boy looked at the dogs. He picked each one up, examined it and put it back in the box. After several minutes he walked back to the owner and said, “I picked one out.  How much do they cost?” The man gave him a the price and the boy promised to be back in a few days with the money. “Don’t take too long,” the owner cautioned.  “Puppies like this sell quickly.” The boy turned and smiled knowingly, “I am not worried. Mine will still be here.” 

The boy went to work cutting grass and cleaning yards. He worked hard and saved his money. After a few weeks he had enough for the dog and went back to the store. He walked up to the counter and placed a pocketful of wadded bills on the top. The store owner sorted and counted the cash. When he had verified the amount, he smiled at the boy and said,  “All right son, you can go get your puppy.” The young man walked over, reached into the back of the box and pulled out a skinny dog with a limp leg and started to leave. The owner stopped him.

“Don’t take that dog,” he objected. “He’s crippled. He will never run with you. He can’t fetch and he can’t play. Get one of the healthy dogs.” 

“No thank you, Sir.” The boy replied, “. . . this is exactly the kind of dog that I’ve been looking for.” As the boy turned to leave the store owner started to speak but became silent. Suddenly he understood. For extending from the bottom of the boys’ trousers was a brace —  a brace for the boy’s crippled leg

Why did the boy want the dog? Because he knew how it felt. And he knew it was very special.

What did Jesus know that enabled him to love people as he did? He knew how the people felt, and he knew they were special. I hope you never forget that! Jesus knows how you feel. You’re under the gun at work? Jesus knows how you feel. You’ve got more to do than humanly possible? So did he. You got children who make a chaos out of their lives? He did too. Do people take more than they give? Jesus understands. Your teenagers won’t listen? Your students won’t try? Your employer gives you blank stares when you’re given an assignment? Believe me, friend, Jesus knows how you feel.

You’re precious to him. So precious that he became like you, so that you would come to him. Like the boy, he picked you out, and like the boy he paid a great price to take you home.

              Via  the Forest Park newsletter 

            What a lesson this teaches all of us. Many times, we are all so busy we don’t think of those who are struggling with spiritual problems, physical and/or emotional problems. Hence, Some members leave because they have no one to talk with, no one to help them share their burden. Do we live our lives so busy that we don’t have enough time for others who are struggling?

            Let us be Jesus’ hands to help, his feet and mouth to share the gospel, and may we all have the heart of Jesus who encouraged the downtrodden.    Tommy

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