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I WAS LOST, BUT YOU WERE IN A HURRY! I attended your church service this morning. You wouldn’t remember Me. I was there hunting for something. I think I would have found it if you hadn’t been in such a hurry. You sang hymns about a loving Lord. I felt a tight, choking sensation and my heart beat faster. Your minister’s message was thrilling. I realized I was lost, and from the way he spoke, it seemed important to have a savior. 

At last the minister finished his appeal and asked you to stand and sing another of the beautiful songs you know so well. I swallowed a lump in my throat, and I wish I knew the joy of what you sang. I was about to answer God’s call to me through the gospel message when I heard a buzzing beside me. When I glanced around you were putting on your little girl’s jacket. You were telling your son to gather up his toys. I looked on my other side and you were touching up your lipstick and rearranging your hair. Looking in front of me I saw a man frown at his watch as if time were running out. At the end of the row, a couple had headed for the exit. 

Seeing what I saw, I didn’t want to look anymore. My throat hurt. My feet wouldn’t walk down the aisle. I could see you didn’t really care. The salvation the minister had been telling me about was not important to you who were supposed to know about it. You only wanted to get away. I was afraid if I should obey, it would delay you. You would wonder what I was hunting for, since it was no joy for you to share it. So, I waited until services were over and I walked out among you . . .  lost! 

Lost, because you were in a hurry. Lost, because it appeared you really didn’t care if I was saved or not! Many people may doubt what you say, but will always believe what you do.

Via Cedar Bayou church of Christ


Tom Holland wrote the following article and it was published in the Forest Park Church of Christ on March 23, 1993. Think about how it is not only TV, but also the internet and streaming affect these things . 

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