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March 1, 2021 by Jack Wilkie

We’re dealing with a society-wide case of normalcy bias. Normalcy bias is that cognitive process by which we downplay an oncoming disaster by convincing ourselves that it’s not really out of the ordinary, and therefore fail to act. “It’s probably not that bad” are the famous last words of the person with normalcy bias, right before the storm hits.

“It’s probably not that bad” is what we’ve been saying by implication for years as we continue to watch the moral reconstruction of our society. And maybe one at a time these things don’t seem like that big of a deal. But the rain drops keep getting bigger and more frequent.

Why does Mr. Potato Head need a genderless rebranding? (“A girl potato might want to wear pants and a boy potato might wear earrings. Hasbro will also sell boxed sets that don’t present a normative family structure. This approach is clever because it allows kids to project their own ideas about gender, sexuality, and family onto the toy, without necessarily offending parents that have more conservative notions about family.”)

Why is Disney forcing it into shows and movies for kids of all ages?

Why are so many books being written to teach kids from preschool up to view “all kinds of families and gender identities” as normal? And why do they need to have drag queens read the books to them?

Why is there such a push to make school bathrooms and locker rooms accommodating to kids of whatever gender identity they choose?

Because they want your kids, obviously.

They want your kids to see Jesus’ exclusivity as negative, as they do. They want your kids to think of you and your morals as bigoted and outdated. They want your kids to think that love means not ever even raising an eyebrow at someone’s declared identity or orientation. They want your kids to think of societies that affirm maleness, femaleness, and the Biblical picture of the family as backwards and oppressive. And the best way they know how to do that is to inundate your kids with the idea that their way is the normal way, the way every right-thinking person prefers and fights for.

And, of course, it’s working. A recent Gallup poll claimed that as many as 1 in 6 members of Generation Z respondents (born between 1997-2002, in their study) identify as LGBT. Even if they’re anywhere close with those numbers, that is simply a massive percentageMeanwhile, young people continue to leave the church in droves, or worse, try to mold it in their own secularly-approved image.

But, “it’s probably no big deal,” we keep telling ourselves.

The other result of such normalization is widespread acceptance. Gallup also recently reported as many as 49% now believe people are “born gay” (despite the science on the matter) and 75% now fully support the right for gay couples to adopt children.

But, “it’s probably no big deal,” we keep telling ourselves.

How do these numbers change so drastically over time? They get people to think their way is normal, and any other way is oppressive and hateful. And they’re going to push that messaging from every angle possible. If they’re pushing these things via the TV, the streaming services, the internet, and the library, you can be sure it’s coming from two other places, too: your kids’ school, and your kids’ peers. If the number has gone all the way up to 1 in 6 identifying as LGBT among college-aged kids, the numbers won’t be too much different among high schoolers and even middle schoolers. They will be surrounded by these ideas constantly.

So, you need to know who your kids are hanging out with, and the morals they and their parents hold. You need to know which websites your kids frequent. You need to keep filters on anything that can access the internet (computers, phones, TVs, video game consoles) to help them avoid the ever-present trap of pornography. And, it is of eternal importance that you know which TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram stars they follow. (Better yet, just ban those apps. Even better yet, take away any phone with internet access and keep it away until they have the maturity to stand firm in their beliefs.) You also need to know if they’re being exposed to these influencers at school or through their friends.

Truly nefarious material is being pushed out to kids every single day. It is harder than ever to monitor the world’s influence on your kids, but just because it’s difficult doesn’t mean it can’t be done. It’s the difficulty that makes it so important that you do. There will come a time when your children are ready to learn about these things and stand for themselves. In fact, if you over-shelter them to the point they never hear about the issues the world wants to throw at them, you will leave them woefully unprepared. Your task is to bring them along in the truth as they are ready to grasp it. But the world wants them to weigh these matters far before they are ready, when they are too weak to stand strong and can be caught up by emotion and pressure.

If you’re a Christian, you must view all of this as an all-out assault on your family’s foundational beliefs. Why would you want your kids to be trained by people who hate you and everything you stand for? Of course you don’t, but you will only win through constant vigilance. Are you up to the challenge?

Are you having these conversations with your kids? It might take some awkward moments. It might take some extreme, unpopular measures. It might take mom and dad being considered the mean old bad guys for a while. It might take getting them out of school. It will take time and commitment on your part. But every bit of difficulty now will be worth it a trillion times over in eternity.

The storm is here. Don’t face it with a case of normalcy bias. Do what’s necessary to keep your kids safe from a world that is trying so desperately to pull them away from you and from God.


I know that this article may upset some, but as Christians we do have a responsibility to talk about the sins of the world and what our children, our precious children, are being exposed to. Satan has declared war on God’s people from the very beginning, and the reality is that he will never tire from this until he is sent to perdition for his rebellion against God. Satan hates God and hates his people. The world is under his sway (1 John 5:18-21). 

Jesus came into the world to save us from Satan’s power. He calls his people to live, not according to the world and its way of thinking, but according to God’s way and will! Do you get disgusted at the fare that is on tv and movies? Are you sickened with the depravity in which world is descending?  It has been coming on for years — television, music, the internet . . . all being used by Satan to challenge God and His word that teaches us what is right and true. 

It is time (nay, PAST TIME) for us to stand and shine as lights to the world.  Tommy


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