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The world today continues their attack on God and His kingdom, the church. As in the first century, when the religious leaders questioned and attacked Jesus time and again, so the world today continues their relentless attack on God. Many do not like the thought that there is a God to whom they one day will answer for the lives and decisions God has given us. 

Sadly, secular schools and colleges have bought into these attacks on God and are shaping the future for the world. 

Agnostics are skeptics who say that we can’t know absolutely that there is a God; they do not know if he exists or not, and even if He does exist, they are not certain that they have any true knowledge of Him. They automatically dismiss the idea of God, in some cases go on to become atheists (who believe there is no god). 

Some argue that because He is a spirit, we cannot know God. (John 4:24). Others deny the validity of the truth of Scripture, and thus teach that we cannot know God. 

Some questions to consider . . . 

If there is no God, how did this world begin?  We have heard and know the thoughts of the “BIG BANG THEORY,” in which a small piece of dust or “something else,” exploded and gave us the planets, including earth. Yet, no one dares to even begin to tells us where that speck of dirt, dust or . . . . came from! I don’t have enough faith to be an atheist, or even an agnostic.

The reason why some suggest that the earth is billions of years old is that they have to have “billions of years” to give them enough “time,“ for these “so” called events to take place.” They cannot (or will not) fathom that God made the earth, with all its intricacies and interdependence upon one another. They cannot believe it was created in six days as clearly taught in Genesis 1-2. They believe the earth evolved, but never tell us what the “first cause” is, nor how it came to be what it is. Indeed – they dismiss God and His word because they do not believe he exists, and even if they did believe that God exists, they do not want to obey the commands he gives in the Bible.

Sadly, even some who claim to be Christians do not want God to tell them how to live their lives.  They have made a god in their image, who allows man to live as he/she wishes, and that their god will never condemn them for things the Bible clearly teaches are sin. And, as these “Christians” continue to allow these “misinterpretations” of Scripture to continue, many will be lost, thinking that God is so loving that he will allow all people to be saved, no matter their manner of life. Due to their dismissal of the Bible, anything goes, and God will save everyone because he is so loving. Again, they dismiss the numerous and varied examples given in Scripture of those who did not live as they should and were punished as in the flood of Noah,  and as portrayed in Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 18-19) . . . 

Beloved we need to lovingly stand for truth! We need to warn with tears in our eyes because souls are at stake. Let us pray for, and do all we can to reach out, in love, to those who need to hear the truth.



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