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Another new year is before us.  We don’t know what the New Year will bring; it could be unexpected troubles or unexpected opportunities. But we face it with courage and hope because we know that God will be with us!

It is good for us to take stock and see where we are as we begin a new year.

Please answer these questions honestly with yourself:

Are you closer to God now than you were at the beginning of 2017?

Do you read, study and meditate on the Bible daily?

Do you take time to pray?

Do you attend Bible classes and Worship regularly? And no, Christmas and Easter are not the only two Sundays that would count for faithfulness. What about Wednesday evening?  In asking this I know that I maybe in trouble, but consider this question in light of what God says in Hebrews 10:25. (The Lord does understand about sickness and disabilities).

How much do you give to the Lord and his work on a weekly basis?

Do you try to encourage your friends and family that are not Christians to discuss what God has to say about this from his word?

Are you living a life of godliness and being an example to all you come into contact with? Especially your family? Do people who know you know you are a Christian, not because you tell them, but because of the life you live? Do your wife, husband and children know how much you love God, again, not by saying it, but by living it?


Realizing that the church is made up of Christians, we now ask some pointed and pertinent questions about the church as a whole.

When was the last time we taught and baptized someone?

When was the last time we invited someone to worship with us?

When was the last time we invited someone to come to Bible study with us?

Do I and my family get to Bible class on time because I am interested in what the Bible says, and in adding my thoughts from my own personal study?

Do we sing with the spirit and understanding?

Do we open our Bibles and see if what is being taught is true?

Do we all pray at the appointed time?

Do we focus our mind on the Lord when we partake of the Lord’s Supper? Do we consider one another in the body of Christ as we partake?

Do we encourage one another as we come in, and as the church leaves the building?

Do we exhort one another? Do we participate in the worship of the church? Think on these things—Love Tommy