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Welcome!  We greatly appreciate you taking time to visit our website.   Whether you are a person that is just curious about church or a 20 year member of our congregation, you are very important to us.  At South Cobb, we believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God. Our authority in faith and practice is the Bible. We do not subscribe to human traditions, creeds or doctrines, only the scriptures.

Every church must have a vision of what it wants to be or it will die. We dream of always being a church that is faithful to the Lord and His inspired Word. Our dreams include being a family that welcomes our brothers and sisters to the Lord regardless of racial or ethnic backgrounds or any other superficial differences. We firmly and joyfully accept the truth that all are one in Christ.

The Sunday morning worship service at South Cobb centers on Jesus Christ, following the simple principles of the New Testament. Our goal is to praise God, and help each person to draw closer to God and Christ. We sing a cappella, pray, partake of the Lord’s Supper, give, and study scriptures from the Bible. There are Bible study classes available for all ages.

Served By

 Boyd Cribb
Dwayne Watson
Tommy Tidwell
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