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Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.  (Ephesians 6:4). From this passage we see that God has commanded that fathers bring their children up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Fathers have a powerful influence on the training and guiding of their children. It is sad when fathers fail in their responsibility, and mothers have to do most of the work.  

Too many fathers abdicate their responsibilities along these lines to mothers. Mothers are to do their share of teaching, training and guiding of their children, but God intended that dads actively participate too.

We see so many young people today who are frustrated because they lack adequate male role models in their home. Young boys learn to be a man – how to treat women, how to be lovers, providers, leaders and protectors of homes. A little girl needs her father in her life so she can learn to relate to the opposite sex, to whom she will be married some day. As a little one she probably “falls in love” with her own father, later to withdraw from him, in order to fall in love with one she will make a home with.

If children have violent fathers with uncontrollable tempers, they will more than likely display the same.

If children have fathers who are absent physically or psychologically, most of the time, they will feel unloved, unwanted or insecure.

If children have fathers who demonstrate strength, love, affection and even tears, they will grow up with a healthier emotional development.

If children have abusive fathers, they may grow up hating their fathers, their self-esteem may suffer, and they may mourn throughout their lives for that “loving father” they never had.

If children grow up under permissive fathers, they will grow up to disrespect rules and regulations of all kinds, e.g. the law, government, church, school or society. (If the majority of young people were like this, we would have total anarchy and total destruction!)

The good news is that we have many good fathers in the land and in the church. Fathers can always change for the better, and they have the greatest example in our Heavenly Father. Children can also overcome a lot of negative fathering. In Christ all things are possible.

Bulletin Digest Via Hyde Park Newsletter, Austin TX



A pre-school lad once asked his father what he thought concerning a certain subject. The father gave his views, and then asked the little fellow what he thought about the subject. The youngster added, answered, “I think what you do, daddy.” A child’s complete confidence in parents is a beautiful thing to behold. As parents, let’s make sure that we do nothing to destroy what youthful confidence and trust our children place in us. However, the day must ultimately come when the child will have to do his own thinking. Someday he will make his own decisions without parental guidance. This is a part of becoming mature.

Would it not be ideal if every child of God had this type of childlike confidence in the Father’s thinking? Making God’s thoughts our thoughts is the cherished goal of every loyal child of God. The time will never come when we can afford to leave God’s thinking, and do our own, independent of his wishes. In your thinking, do you run counter to God, go ahead of him, lag behind him, or seek to run with him in your thoughts?

Via GO TEACH CHRIST,  Forrest Park Church of Christ Valdosta, GA

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