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The theme at Bible camp this last week was THE GOOD GREAT DOCTOR. The emphasis was on Jesus being the great Physician. In a devotional presented Monday morning at camp, a young man talked about going to the doctor, and discussed how many of us put off going to the doctor. Sometimes, we put it off until we become more sick, and then we go because we know we have no other choice. Treatment has to become more aggressive. And it usually takes longer to get better.

We listen to our physical bodies (sometimes) when it tells us something is wrong. We go to the doctor when we have symptoms of illness. When we feel achy and have fever and pain; we may go and be told they can do nothing – it is the flu. We go to the doctor when we know we have a broken leg. We will go when we are short of breath, or pain in the chest, or severe pain in the head – we know then we need immediate medical attention. 

Ancient Israel was spiritually sick. God showed them their symptoms in Isaiah 1:5-6 “Why should you be stricken again? You will revolt more and more. The whole head is sick, And the whole heart faints. From the sole of the foot even to the head, there is no soundness in it, but wounds and bruises and putrefying sores; They have not been closed or bound up or soothed with ointment.”

What would Jesus say to his church today? In Revelation 2-3 Jesus diagnosed 5 churches that were sick unto death and told them the solution to their sicknesses. Churches are only as healthy as their individual members; so do we listen to our spirits so as to know when we are spiritually sick? What are some symptoms of spiritual sickness? Consider the things mentioned below by Alan Cross:

Do you enjoy spending time in prayer, meditating on the Scriptures, and in worship, or is it a chore to you? Do you find yourself making excuses for not being at worship?

When you encounter the Word of God, do you consider how you can conform your life to God’s will (with His help), or do you look for the parts that affirm you as you are?

Does entertainment, sports, politics, and material things (your house “stuff,” vacations, recreation, etc.) excite you more than the things of God? When you think about church (the community of believers), do you first think about what you can get out of out of it and how the church can meet your needs, or do you think about what you can give and contribute to others?

Do you have peace with God and strive for peace with others?

Do you care more about what other people think of you or about what God thinks of you?

When you see people, who are different from you in any way, do you sit in judgment on them, or do you make an effort to love them as your neighbor?

When it comes to the poor and those in need, do you think about how you can be a blessing to them, or do you primarily think about how you can spend your material resources on yourself?

Do you see God as a means to an end (God is the way to achieve blessing and the “good life”), or do you see God as the beginning and end of all things? Would you worship and serve God even if it cost you everything?

If any of the above hits home to you, then you need to go to the Great Physician. Only God can help you with spiritual sickness. The world only gives us false reality, false hope, and false joy. Come to the Great Physician, before it is to late.