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Lately I have been thinking a lot about the church and my work in the church. I love being a preacher and hope that God will allow me to preach until I die. The work is so important, and it seems to me that the world is getting darker and darker every day. I look at our precious children and grandchildren, and wonder what kind of world they will grow up in. I wonder if we . . . the church . . . have become so desensitized to what is happening that we are guilty of not preparing ourselves, our children and grandchildren. I wonder if we have become so busy with trifles that we are losing our very soul.

We . . . the church . . . have the awesome responsibility to preach and teach  Jesus to all we meet. We get so sidetracked by politics, entertainment, and our own selfishness that we fail to see the needs of people around us. Sometimes we don’t even see those in the church that need us. Brothers and sisters, the world needs the gospel. We do a great job preaching and teaching to ourselves; how are we doing when it comes to the world that needs it the most? God and His Son will hold us accountable for keeping the gospel to ourselves while we get sidetracked by all the things Satan uses to distract us.

Can we better prepare ourselves to teach others the gospel? Yes! Can we pray that God will help us as we share the gospel? He will because he promises to be with us! Should we pray that our eyes be opened to members of the church that have gone and are going astray, and should we not make every effort to bring them back? What about our friends and loved ones . . .

I came across this article — read it, pray about it, and ask God to open our eyes!

I love the church here so much—let’s be the church!



Hurried. Pressured. Under the gun. Rush here. Rush there. Work. School. Practice. Games. Meetings. Go, go, go.  Busy, busy, busy. The family of the 90s. No time: for God, for husband, for wife, for children, for family, for others. Why!

Have you ever wondered how Jesus did it? Only twenty-four hours in a day, just like you and I — yet, he not only found time for himself, but also time for others. Was Jesus ever in a hurry? Constantly! But whether it was the leper, the lame, the blind, the prostitute, the adulterous, the poor, the grieving, or a little man up a tree . . . Jesus found time . . . and put their needs above his own.

One of the things that troubles me at time is self-centeredness: the inability  (or insensitivity) to see, feel, sense and care about the needs of others as Jesus did. The same thing has troubled me for years about the church—our self centeredness, our preoccupation with “church things,” while people are lost, hurting and do not know the Savior. I fear at times,  that if Jesus were to say, “Look at the fields! They are ripe unto harvest!” . . . Our response would be, “What fields?”

I read the following several years ago, and it resurfaces in my files occasionally to “haunt me”


  • A mother is trying to make up her mind whether to let a surgeon perform an operation on her only child, that may end his life.
  • A father whose son didn’t come home last night is walking through a door marked, “County Morgue.”
  • A wife whose marriage has gone on the rocks is on a street corner flirting with a man she knows will destroy her faithfulness.
  • A young woman is being wheeled into the delivery room from which she knows that mother OR child, not mother AND child, will be wheeled out.
  • A tired doctor is shaking his head and saying to a patient, “It’s terminal cancer.”

Life is precious. Don’t waste it. Find time for those you love. Find time for others. Despite it’s wealth and luxuries , the world is not well—it is sick, dying and hurting. People all around us are in pain . . . physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. They desperately need to hear the simple story; the sweetest, most precious story ever heard—the story of the One who always . . . has time.

Come to me, all who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28)

Jim Tenery