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Today, few people take sin seriously. It is commonplace for comedians to base their jokes on sins such as infidelity in marriage, drunkenness, lying, hypocrisy . . . Could it be that we have heard these things and laughed at them for so long that they have become funny to us?

As we watch television as well as movies, the ones who are mocked and chided are those who stand up for something – who talk about sin for what it is! Sin is lawlessness, or a transgression of God’s law. (1 John 3:4).  Sin is also failing to do the things God has commanded us to do (James 4:17). We laugh at it, and make fun of it to the point that some, even Christians, do not take it seriously anymore. Satan’s wiles are crafty – and if he can get humans to laugh at sin, we won’t take it seriously.

We need to remember . . .

. . . That sin is not funny, and it is too deadly to joke about. Sin entered the Garden of Eden and separated man from God. Problems, sorrow, death, estrangement, suffering, pain, and heartache come directly or indirectly because of sin. Man cannot get along with one another because of it. Marriages are destroyed because of the lack of love, and because of the failure of the couple to deal with the estrangement that sneaks into the marriage. Churches struggle because the pride of life gets in the way, and everyone wants their own way, instead of remembering that this is God’s church, for which Jesus shed his blood (Ephesians 5).

. . . That sin leads to death. One has to have a twisted sense of humor to stand by an open grave and laugh.  Sin causes death.  Romans 6:23 says that the wages of sin is death. If we can laugh at sin we should be able to laugh at the open grave as someone we love is lowered into it.

. . . That sin separates us from God eternally. To be punished eternally is not funny. To live with remorse and regret for missed opportunities is not funny. To know that my actions may have contributed to someone else losing their soul is not funny. To live without light in eternal darkness is not funny. To be tormented is not funny. Perhaps some would dismiss these words as scare tactics, but read Scriptures that discuss hell and then laugh – if you can!


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