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“A discussion of politics gets everyone excited. These are things that control our lives, so it is natural that we are interested. I write my senators and congressmen often about my concerns and opinions and hope you do too. However, all Christians know that SATAN controls most of the people in this world and his will is more often done than not both privately and politically. Governments have NEVER been Christian and for the most part they have opposed Christianity and its principles.  Christians are a small minority in the world, and we are becoming smaller in the USA every day. As difficult as this may be for Americans to accept because of our heritage, on a world scale this is a cold reality. 

“I wonder how well our energy is spent fighting legislation and politicians. Although I write my elected representatives, I realize my voice is seldom if ever heard or heeded. As a Christian my time is better spent “doing the will of my Father.” If I am primarily concerned about that I am promised that I can be a “light to the world.” We know of very few things that have been changed for the better by political activism, but Christians have changed evil empires into God fearing nations by simply living their lives before men who saw their good works and glorified the Father.

“You see it isn’t primarily laws that bring a nation down – it is the lack of morals and respect for God. We can have some influence on that level. Your life, your kindness, your business dealings, if they are all carried out as a Christian, can change things that even the most powerful politicians can’t. Live your life for Christ and you’ll make a difference. HE CARES A LOT ABOUT THIS!”

Bill McDonough. March 10, 1994  


This article was written 26 years ago, but the sentiments are still true today. America is going down the road of Babylon, Assyria, Greece and Rome in which these countries were punished by GOD (yes, by God), who is in control of all the kingdoms of the earth). 

It seems today that America, which was based on “Christian principles” did not really live up the principles found in Scripture. Racism is one facet that shows that we have not dealt with things as Scripture teaches, where God has said that we are all part of the human race. Every person, no matter skin color, is made in the image of God and thought so valuable by God that he sent his Son to die for ALL mankind. 

Now it seems that some, even in government, wishes to curtail the freedom of religion found in the Constitution. 

Aa Brother McDonough said above, “it isn’t laws that bring a nation down, it is a lack of morals and respect for God.” 

Our public media attacks the word of God daily; it justifies sins of adultery, homosexuality, and every other evil thing. Reread Romans 1 and see what sins are not glorified then and now in our culture. It has taken time, but Satan has worked behind the scenes causing the media of every sort to justify, glorify and honor blatant sin. Sadly, the world eats this up; even sadder is that some Christians watch and participate because they do not see a problem with these things either.

The only way our nation will change is if Christians live up to the calling with which we are called.  We need, MUST live holy lives. We need to stand for God’s word and will in everything. This will make us targets – but so be it.

Let us begin with prayer and ask God to show us the sin in the deepest corners of our lives. May we repent and change into the image of God and His Son. Let us pray for boldness to preach the truth in love. Let us live our lives so that people will see what we are and who we are loyal to above all else. 

In view of eternity, let us rededicate our lives to Him who died for us, and, if necessary, pay the ultimate price for him.

Tommy Tidwell 8 16 2020

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