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It was a great day this last Sunday, as we met together and worshipped God. I hope that you are enjoying our study on the life of Jesus from Mark, as much as I am enjoying preaching and studying these things. We all need to follow Jesus – we made a commitment to do just that when we became Christians. We need to realize that no matter how long we have been following Jesus, we need to keep as close to him as we can. I hope this encourages you to “be conformed to the image of his son.” (Romans 8:29).

It was a great day last Sunday as well, as the elders and deacons met to map out the work of the Lord here at South Cobb for 2017. Here are some things that we all need to mark down on our calendars now as we prepare for the events planned at South Cobb.

Thursday, March 2, we will have employers from the surrounding area conduct a job fair here at South Cobb.  This will increase community outreach and contact, and if applicants come to our building, they will know that we are here. We will need some help setting up tables, as well as help in snacks and refreshments together.

Our Summer Series this year will be held beginning June 7 with Shane Tidwell speaking. The theme for this year’s Summer series will be Nehemiah, A Model Leader. We will discuss topics such as concern for people, compassion, prayer, opposition, examples and encouragement. We hope that you will make plans to be here every Wednesday evening for this timely study – and please, do not think this is only for leaders. We all need to examine these things in our lives.

We have scheduled our Vacation Bible School this year on June 14-16. Steve Putz will be directing the VBS this year, and we ask that everyone pitch in and help in any and every way you can. Steve is a new deacon at South Cobb, and he will be in charge of our youth, directing youth devotionals, VBS and travelling to youth rallies and youth events. We want to place a great deal more emphasis on our young people and helping them to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord (2 Peter 3:18).

With Dwayne Watson becoming an elder, Eric Johnson and Steve Putz will work together on benevolent work here at South Cobb. We thank Dwayne for the job he has done; Dwayne has been doing much of this by himself. We also know that benevolence is a work that the early church was very active in, and has left us an example to follow (Acts 6; 1 Timothy 5; Galatians 6:10), and we want to be known in our community for benevolence. Eric hopes to tie benevolent work in with outreach, and he and Steve will both need all of us to help in this matter.

Eric Johnson, Chris Tidwell (another new deacon) and LaRheasa have been working very hard on updating our church website, as well as putting in an on-line directory associated with the website. If you wish to be able to see this, each person with a computer will have to sign up and sign in. No access will be allowed to anyone that is not a member of the church here at South Cobb; we will control who has access to information such as addresses and phone numbers.  Chris is also helping us to be able to stream our worship services on the internet, so that if a shut in or member is sick at home, they can see our worship services via the internet on computer, or, if they have the right connections, even on a television.

June 25-30 is our week at Camp Inagehi. The Theme this year is Strangest Things, and we will talk about strange things in the Bible and what God has done. Thank you to all who helped with the Heart of the Matter for Camp Inagehi; and I am sure that you will be willing to help in paying for scholarships for campers in need.

Our gospel meeting this year will be August 27-30, with Glenn Hitchcock speaking. Brother Hitchcock has spoken at many gospel meetings and at Polishing the Pulpit in Tennessee. He works as a counselor, and is an elder at the Warner Robbins Church of Christ. We look forward to having him preach the gospel to us this year.

On a very sad note, Doug Pirtle offered his resignation as a deacon due to some issues he is having at this time. We need to pray for him and his family.

Pray for Doug, pray for the elders and deacons, and pray that we shine brightly in a world that is becoming increasingly darker.

Shalom, Tommy